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The Maplesoft Centre of Excellence serves as a showcase and a resource for enterprises challenged by exponential data growth in their environment. Maplesoft’s strategic alignment and deep expertise with Oracle technology has led to the development of the Centre of Excellence which combines the game-changing innovation of the Oracle Exadata product and Maplesoft’s deep technical strength.

For the first time, Canadian customers now have the ability to benchmark their individual workloads on the Exadata Database Machine, the fastest and most cost effective platform for virtually all database workloads, without having to export data across an international boundary.

“Exadata is the ultimate Engineered System offering, combining Oracle’s innovative hardware and software technology. By deploying Exadata, our customers benefit from dramatic increases in their OLTP performance, reduction in their operating expenses, and adoption of new enterprise DB functionality which significantly advances the security and availability of their data.” says Jack Gulas, Chief Technology Officer, Maplesoft Group.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, the Maplesoft Exadata Centre of Excellence, provides hands-on experiences with the Exadata solution to enterprises looking to increase the performance of their database environments, both OLTP and Data Warehouse. The Maplesoft Exadata Proof of Value (PoV) service is the centerpiece of a variety of services Maplesoft provides from the Centre of Excellence. The PoV service consists of a phased methodology to allow enterprises to understand exactly how the Oracle Exadata Machine can function in their environment with phases running through a demonstration, technical workshop, reverse benchmark, representative benchmark and a comprehensive benchmark. At the completion of the PoV, IT leadership will understand the full value of the Exadata Database Machine and its applicability in their environment and will have real benchmark results from the system based on their own data.