The right person for the right job at the right time. Maplesoft understands.

Our talented professionals bring industry specific expertise to help clients define strategies that combine human capital and enterprise systems, thus enabling sustainability and recognized growth potential in the marketplace. Maplesoft can help you optimize and transform your IT and business environments with our array of global resources.

Maplesoft's Competitive Advantage

Maplesoft’s account executives and technical recruiters will help you develop staffing strategies and professional services solutions that keep your business in ‘forward-thinking’ mode, heading off challenges before they become costly issues. They are also supported by our internal practice leads who are long-standing industry experts within varied disciplines relevant to today’s business trends. This is one of our key differentiators.

At Maplesoft we see every client as a long-term business partner. We work closely with you and our best-in-class technology partners to ensure that we deliver world-class, efficient and innovative services and solutions. We consistently deliver value, cost effectiveness and uncompromised service to our clients.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover a wide variety of skill sets, areas of expertise and business verticals. We specialize in:

Application Development

Maplesoft's highly skilled internal development team can tackle any kind of application development...
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Information Management

Having our roots in the high-tech hub of Ottawa, we understand the information management and...
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Project Management Office

It's all about customer service excellence. Maplesoft's Project Management Office (PMO)...
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Business Transformation

Maplesoft provides business transformation experts to enable strategic planning and  integrated...
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Maplesoft works with a number of ERP and CRM tools to help our clients promote adaptive...
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Network & Security Services

Through our partnerships, Maplesoft offers network services to plan, deploy, optimize and manage...
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Human Resources

Maplesoft has resources to ensure winning HR solutions for your team. We excel in identifying organizational...
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Enterprise Architecture

For many organizations, the strategic planning and execution of projects is hindered by the lack of a shared view...
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Administrative Services

Locating, hiring and retaining qualified people is a significant obstacle facing many organizations today...
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Procurement Vehicles

We’re experts in procurement and make it easy for you to buy from us. Click here to find out about our procurement vehicles.