Network and Security Services

Network Services

Through our partnerships, Maplesoft offers network services to plan, deploy, optimize and manage complex network infrastructures that support data, voice (Mitel), and video (Magor). Maplesoft has consultants working on a variety of network functions, such as:

  • LAN – Local Area Network
  • WAN – Wide Area Network
  • MAN – Metro Area Network
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network
  • SAN – Storage Area Network

We have experience working at the physical, data link and network layers as well as experience with hubs, switches, routers, firewalls and more. Click here to see how we used Mitel solutions to integrate our own communications between our multiple locations and dispersed consultants so we could provide even better service to our customers.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/Thin Client

Public and private sector clients are rapidly moving towards ‘thin clients,’ which centralize computing power and data into the datacentre, as the way to solve their PC headaches. Clients can move resources from PC break-fix to project-based implementation by centralizing administration tasks and eliminating distributed computing. With thin clients, all data is centralized, enabling proper data security, backup and management. Maplesoft's VDI/Thin Client Practice comprises technical expertise, templated solutions, hosted options, sizing and consultation. We can provide a full Thin Client/VDI solution from architectural advice through to implementation.

Security Services

Maplesoft has extensive experience developing security frameworks, and offer the following security services:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Infrastructure Security Audit
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Security Compliance Reviews
  • Computer Incident Response
  • Security Infrastructure Assessment
  • Threat Risk Assessment
  • Network Risk Assessment
  • Certification and Accreditation