Defence & Public Safety

Maplesoft has been part of Canada’s defence and public safety industry for over twelve years. Today, we continue to deliver world-class technology and consulting solutions to support our nation. As part of our longstanding relationship with the federal government, we have delivered several classified projects for the Department of National Defence and Public Safety Canada.

We help our defence clients become high-performance businesses by working with them to identify and act upon opportunities for growth. Through solutions such as Thin Clients, and centralizing computing power and data into the data centre, we position our clients for high performance.

Maplesoft helps public safety agencies – national, provincial/territorial, regional or local – meet increasing demands for optimal results without increases in budget or staffing. We offer integrated solutions to deliver maximum public value while transcending agency boundaries. Our innovative solutions allow communication and collaboration between law enforcement, criminal justice and safety agencies, creating synergies that take our partnerships to the next level in responding effectively to the world’s challenges.

Maplesoft has a Government of Canada top secret level security clearance, providing the company and our personnel with more opportunities to work in all levels of government on sensitive, classified projects and engagements. Specifically, we currently maintain a valid Top Secret Facility Level Security Clearance and a Secret Document Safeguarding Clearance #SSB-5510-I (25047-00) with Public Works and Government Services Canada and the Canadian and International Industrial Security Directorate.