Energy & Utilities

Today’s energy and utilities companies face significant challenges driven by increases in regulation, environmental legislation, competition, policy and demand. This has put pressure on companies to significantly invest in their information management/information technology (IM/IT) infrastructures like never before. Executives and decision-makers have realized that investing in their IM/IT infrastructure is absolutely crucial for making critical business decisions – decisions that drive the exploration and delivery of new and alternative sources of energy while also achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

This is where Maplesoft can help. We have the track record, the industry-specific experts and the proven solutions to address your complex business and technical challenges. We clearly understand the importance of modeling and visualization, large-scale enterprise management and critical transaction processing as it applies to your unique “discovery and delivery” needs. We implement services and solutions with an eye to seamless integration with industry-standard third-party software solutions and deep technology partnerships: these form the backbone of the energy and utilities sector’s IM/IT infrastructures.