To effectively provide services to the various levels of government, companies must understand the regulations, key objectives, mandates and programs responsible for driving the business and technical needs within government departments and agencies.

At Maplesoft, we help our government clients with outstanding service, value and results within the critical areas of telecommunications, desktop computer services, cloud services, and information technology security services. We are successful because we understand and assist our clients with purchasing and procurement strategies; providing professional resources cleared to the appropriate security levels and language specifications required by government; and delivering strategic and innovative solutions that adhere to government regulations, standards, methodologies and enterprise-wide mandates such as "shared/integrated/managed services" and "modernization."

Since 1996, Maplesoft has successfully supported a large number of key initiatives and programs within numerous federal, provincial and municipal government departments and agencies. Through this record of proven results, various levels of government have recognized Maplesoft as a preferred supplier of services and solutions, as evidenced by our multiple consulting- and technology-based Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements.

Maplesoft has a Government of Canada top secret level security clearance, providing the company and our personnel with more opportunities to work in all levels of government on sensitive, classified projects and engagements. Specifically, we currently maintain a valid Top Secret Facility Level Security Clearance and a Secret Document Safeguarding Clearance #SSB-5510-I (25047-00) with Public Works and Government Services Canada and the Canadian and International Industrial Security Directorate.