Technology Solutions


Maplesoft partners with some of the best technology companies in the world. We select best-in-class technology manufacturers and form strategic alliances – vertical partnerships that give you deep expertise in innovative technology. The result? You enjoy a boutique-style of IT solutions, allowing you to seize the best.


Using our strategic partnerships with Oracle and Mitel, Maplesoft's Technology Solutions give our customers best-in-class hardware, software and telecom products. We combine our product offerings with proven, experienced professional services and our Enterprise Project Management Office to deliver scalable solutions. Maplesoft's key technology practices include Application Management, Unified Communications, Security, Business Enablement, Data Management, and Cloud Services.

Application Management

Maplesoft has a strong and successful background in both Information Technology (IT) and Application Development.
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Data Management

Data growth in all industries is exponential, yielding new challenges that must be solved with innovative technology.
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Unified Communication

The Enterprise Communications solutions offered by Mitel are simple, scalable (five to 65,000 users), and standards-based...
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The last 10 years have seen sweeping changes to how we live and work.  With the emergence of near ubiquitous...
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Business Enablement

Maplesoft's Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) employs the top project management people, processes and...
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Cloud Services

Information Technology has been experiencing meteoric growth over the past two decades and shows no signs of slowing.
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Great partnerships create great solutions.
Maplesoft’s practice model and partnerships provide our customers with deep expertise in innovative technology. Through in-depth briefings and product demonstrations, our subject matter experts offer solutions that meet your organization's technology needs.  Read more

Procurement Vehicles

We're experts in procurement and make it easy for you to buy from us.  Read more