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Cloud Services

Information Technology has been experiencing meteoric growth over the past two decades and shows no signs of slowing. With this growth comes opportunity and challenge. One of the key challenges that fast-moving enterprises and public-sector entities face is the continually increasing stresses placed on data centres as more and more computing and data storage is required to provide key enterprise services. Additional challenges around resourcing and the corresponding benefits of virtualization and economies of scale are driving a strong trend in service-based and utility-based computing. Maplesoft's Cloud Services have been built from the ground up to address this challenge.

Whether our clients' goals are simply to be able to add more systems to an already full data centre or to bring their IT organizations up the value chain by offloading all physical infrastructure and focusing on services, policy and management, Maplesoft's Cloud Services hold the key.

Security is an often overlooked but critical element of any cloud-based strategy. As cloud services eliminate the perimeter around the enterprise, new strategies to ensure the security of critical enterprise IT assets and data are required. Maplesoft's successful Identity Management and Security practice assists our clients in answering this challenge and works to ensure that the enterprise keeps control over its users and data.

Maplesoft understands that many Canadian enterprises prefer to keep their data in Canada to avoid potential cross-border legal risks. Therefore, Maplesoft works with a network of Canadian-based partners to ensure that we can provide a guarantee that data is not being hosted outside the country, should our clients require it.

Maplesoft works closely with clients to create and deliver offerings that fit their business, whether that includes physical data centre optimization, provision of hardware and software or co-location services – all the way through to the creation, management and delivery of full custom or COTS-based SaaS offerings. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Maplesoft works closely with the Oracle OnDemand team to bring its innovative offerings to market.

Maplesoft's Cloud Services include:

  • Physical data centre building and optimization
  • Provision of hardware and software solutions
  • Hosting and co-location
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Custom software development and deployment in the cloud
  • COTS software product as a service
  • Application modernization and re-hosting
  • Oracle OnDemand
  • Modular data centre provisioning