Technology Solutions

Data Management

Data growth in all industries is exponential, yielding new challenges that must be solved with innovative technology. Maplesoft’s Data Management Practice enables customers to effectively manage, store and maintain their critical business data through the application of equipment, software and services to address every stage of the information lifecycle. Maplesoft’s exclusive partnerships with Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), Symantec and HP provide customers with the most innovative solutions on the market. Maplesoft’s skilled technology services wrap these technologies into full solutions to address customers’ business and growth challenges and enable Maplesoft to fully address the range of business data management challenges.


  • Servers: The backbone of the IT environment is the server infrastructure. With Virtual Desktops, increases in data size and requirements to maintain data longer and longer, server sprawl will continue to increase. Additionally, with software licensing moving increasingly towards CPU-based metrics, the management of the server environment is becoming increasingly costly and complex. Within this environment, innovation in the server space is critical to all organizations.  Maplesoft champions the most-cutting-edge servers in both the RISC and commodity x86 spaces with industry leading features around compute power, space density, scale up and scale out, connectivity, eco-efficiency, manageability and supportability. Maplesoft works with customers to ensure that the most appropriate servers are provisioned for the particular workload and to take advantage of the most innovative server features on the market. Maplesoft provides servers scaling from entry-level x86 through to enterprise level RISC.
  • Storage: Maplesoft’s storage practice works with customers to resolve pressing data storage and archive challenges using a variety of innovative hardware and services. Maplesoft’s expertise and focus with the Oracle OpenStorage and Tape systems, the HDS enterprise storage systems and the Symantec/Veritas management software provide customers with the confidence they need that their data is being well protected and allows them to take advantage of game-changing storage economics.     
  • Database: Customers have their business requirements impacted by the constantly increasing cost of data growth and aging backend database software. Leveraging the tenfold performance improvements and compression capabilities of Oracle 11g helps not only to save growing hardware and storage costs, but also to allow for increased system security, memory efficiency, and availability. Outside of the benefits of core functionality like table scanning and read queries, which not only allow for speed improvements and reductions in bandwidth, Oracle 11g can provide massive savings on the raw cost of storage with advanced compression that allows for de-duplication and reduction in dump-file size and backup data.
  • Exadata: Combined with an upgrade to 11g, Exadata allows for unparalleled performance improvements with the benefits of flash storage for caching queries and fewer CPUs for processing. This results in an appliance that delivers petabytes of data at a million I/Os per second per rack over its InfiniBand backend network. This provides a sound business case for short return on investment with a go-forward strategy involving assessment, planning, and implementation of these key upgrades.