Technology Solutions


The last 10 years have seen sweeping changes to how we live and work. With the emergence of near ubiquitous, mobile access to data networks, participation-driven applications and hosted, centralized data storage, the modern workforce expects to be able to be productive anywhere, anytime. As enterprises struggle with the challenge of opening up their systems to this new form of anywhere, anytime access, they must simultaneously contend with security concerns, internal policies, government compliance, and the constantly changing internal and external landscape. Maplesoft's Security Practice gives enterprises the agility to provide their stakeholders with the anywhere, anytime access they require while maintaining strong security, enforcing policy and dealing with disconnected access.


  • Identity and Access Management: Oracle’s Identity Management provides a unified, integrated security platform designed to manage user identities, provide resources to users, secure access to corporate resources, enable trusted online business partnerships, and support governance and compliance across the enterprise. This framework enables enterprises to manage the end-to-end life cycle of user identities across enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall, independently from enterprise applications. The combination of Maplesoft’s professional services and relevant identity management implementation experience with Oracle’s products creates the most comprehensive, integrated and deployable identity management solutions.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/Thin Client: Public and private sector clients are rapidly moving towards ‘thin clients,’ which centralize computing power and data into the datacentre, as the way to solve their PC headaches. Clients can move resources from PC break-fix to project-based implementation by centralizing administration tasks and eliminating distributed computing. With thin clients, all data is centralized, enabling proper data security, backup and management. Maplesoft's VDI/Thin Client Practice comprises technical expertise, templated solutions, hosted options, sizing and consultation. We can provide a full Thin Client/VDI solution from architectural advice through to implementation.
  • Database Security: With Oracle Database Vault, Maplesoft customers can proactively safeguard application data stored in the Oracle database from access by privileged database users. Application data can be further protected using Oracle Database Vault's multi-factor policies that control access based on built-in factors such as time of day, IP address, application name, and authentication method, preventing unauthorized ad-hoc access and application by-pass. For both government and the private sector, Oracle Database Vault is essential to ensure that multiple DBAs and users from various internal organizations are allowed access only to their own data while still ensuring that they have the privileges to perform their administrative duties.