Enterprise Architecture

For many organizations, the strategic planning and execution of projects is hindered by the lack of a shared view of the current business and information technology landscape – the Enterprise Architecture (EA). Through the application of EA, organizations seek to understanding the inter-relationships between strategy, business architecture, information systems and technology.

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Maplesoft’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) specialists identify opportunities and strategies to improve an organizations technical infrastructure, applications and business processes, thereby increasing organizational efficiency, productivity and economical. EA seeks to translate business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change.

Creating, communicating and improving the key principles, structures, processes and models that describe the organization’s current and target future state can contribute to the realization of the target state quickly and with fewer obstacles.  It allows you to visualize and represent all of the operative components as variables. This allows the organization to see how it might be affected by change, and then plan its investments so that they better align with the organization’s priorities.

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