Professional Services

Finding senior and executive level resources who can provide an independent and objective view of an organization is often key to moving major transformational initiatives forward.  Consultants are not constrained with the inner-workings or operational/management agendas of the client organization and are therefore focused on delivering to the objectives of the project.  Often, clients have difficulty re-assigning internal operational staff to a project because the nature of a project tends to be significantly different in nature, timing, reporting and staffing.  The ability to focus on a client’s project, with the clear objective of creating, delivering and completing a defined activity or contributing towards a transformational initiative is a fundamental underpinning of our go-to-market strategy.

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Maplesoft is one of Canada’s leading consulting firms, providing a wide range of professional consultants and expertise in virtually all areas of IM/IT. We are one of the largest suppliers of professional consulting services to the Government of Canada. This includes key supply arrangements with major central agencies of the federal government. We are the leading source of specialist consultants who are supporting the GoC in key areas such as Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Security, Program & Project Management, Software Development Lifecycle Management, Hosting/Data Centre Operations/Management, Cloud computing and Managed Services.

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