Enterprise Security

Organizations are increasingly challenged with security considerations.  The proliferation of highly publicized data breaches, increased sophistication of the nature of internal and external threats and increased concerns related to the integrity of commercial information assets and information collected, processed or stored that is in the national interest.

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Maplesoft considers Enterprise Security as the top-down view of security from the perspective of integrity, availability and resiliency. Consistent with Enterprise Architect concepts and considerations that have been embraced by organizations with large, complex operations, Enterprise Security strives to consider all relevant aspects of an organizations structure and footprint to determine the requirements for data, network, communications, physical and personnel security.

Maplesoft is one of the largest suppliers of Cyber and IT Security professional services to the Government of Canada.  For over 15 years, we have provided advisory and consulting services through the most formidable team of senior and executive level Cyber and IT Security specialist consultants in Canada.  Our clients have relied on the Maplesoft security team to deliver a full range of security services.  We have delivered policy frameworks and guidance regarding governance models, risk and vulnerability assessments and all aspects of Government of Canada standards for Security Authorization and Authentication (ITSG 33).  In addition to the delivery of professional services, we can provide managed security as a 3rd party service to our clients from our Security Operations Centre.

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