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The right person for the right job at the right time. Maplesoft understands.

Our talented professionals bring industry specific expertise to help clients define strategies that combine human capital and enterprise systems, thus enabling sustainability and recognized growth potential in the marketplace. Maplesoft can help you optimize and transform your IT and business environments with our array of global resources.

Maplesoft's Competitive Advantage

Maplesoft’s account executives and technical recruiters will help you develop staffing strategies and professional services solutions that keep your business in ‘forward-thinking’ mode, heading off challenges before they become costly issues. They are also supported by our internal practice leads who are long-standing industry experts within varied disciplines relevant to today’s business trends. This is one of our key differentiators.

At Maplesoft we see every client as a long-term business partner. We work closely with you and our best-in-class technology partners to ensure that we deliver world-class, efficient and innovative services and solutions. We consistently deliver value, cost effectiveness and uncompromised service to our clients.

Finding senior and executive level resources who can provide an independent and objective view of an organization is often key to moving major transformational initiatives forward. Consultants are not constrained with the inner-workings or operational/management agendas of the client organization and are therefore focused on delivering to the objectives of the project. Often, clients have difficulty re-assigning internal operational staff to a project because the nature of a project tends to be significantly different in nature, timing, reporting and staffing. The ability to focus on a client’s project, with the clear objective of creating, delivering and completing a defined activity or contributing towards a transformational initiative is a fundamental underpinning of our go-to-market strategy. For more information click here.

For many organizations, the strategic planning and execution of projects is hindered by the lack of a shared view of the current business and information technology landscape – the Enterprise Architecture (EA). Through the application of EA, organizations seek to understanding the inter-relationships between strategy, business architecture, information systems and technology. For more information click here.

Organizations are increasingly challenged with security considerations. The proliferation of highly publicized data breaches, increased sophistication of the nature of internal and external threats and increased concerns related to the integrity of commercial information assets and information collected, processed or stored that is in the national interest. For more information click here.

The fundamental nature of a Project is different from operations and not all organizations are staffed to prosecute a project from start to finish. Extracting resources out of line operations to staff projects often hurts operations and the project really does not receive the specialized expertise needed for managing a process that has discreet activities and a different tempo as differentiated from day to day operations. Programs comprise a collection of Projects and require similar skills, capabilities and attitude. For more information click here.

Maplesoft's highly skilled development resources and internal team can tackle any kind of application development project, from requirements through to delivery. Maplesoft's team works on a range of projects including the complete application development life-cycle, from architectural consultation through to maintenance and support of applications. Maplesoft's application development team work to ensure that our clients' projects are completed on-time and on-budget. For more information click here.

We understand the information management and information technology (IM/IT) sectors very well. We have adapted to the evolving trends in technology. Global competition, the unrelenting need for innovation, security and the necessity of controlling costs – all these factors play heavily on the minds of decision-makers as they fulfill their responsibilities for delivering, integrating and managing corporate information and technology systems. Many organizations have or are considering moving their technology infrastructure to the Cloud. Maplesoft has anticipated this paradigm shift. We offer hosting services through our sister companies affiliated through common ownership under the SEB Group. For more information click here.

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